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Our Team

We are a small team of technology geeks, that are passionate about innovation, lean processes and most of us with a strong background in e-recruitment. With GOhiring we build and ship fine software that makes collaboration of recruitment market players more productive. That includes a lot of challenges we solve almost every day. But the one thing that makes us really confident in reaching our goal is our team. We are a diverse, international team that is passionate about creating impact towards the digital future of HR.

Open Positions

How we work

We took the chance to define our way of working in the way we like it: extremely digital, connected via best tools and especially #remotefirst. The company was setup from the beginning to support a flexible collaboration and work life, including travel for everyone. Even though not all of us are travelling and taking our jobs with us, we are on a mission to take remote work to the next level.

Team values


We love to share, learn and grow with another through collaboration and the challenges we tackle together. We can truly say that we benefit from the different strengths and skills everyone brings to the team. To keep that strength, we would like to grow wisely. Feel free to join our #remote-culture team from the place you’re most productive at which can also include our Berlin office space.

Join the mission

Reach out and apply – we will get back to you in the first days. We will take time to get to know each other, but also keep the process lean for both sides. The duration of all steps take at average 2-4 weeks – the process may vary depending on the position.

We’re happy to hear from you. If you are a mutual fit for the team but do not match to the open roles at that time: let’s keep in touch for future roles!